Welcome to the “I work Remote” blog post, where we’ll explore the exciting and adventurous world of working from far away. We’ve all come across those envy-inducing social media posts of individuals posing with laptops on exotic beaches, claiming to have found the perfect work-life balance. (Spoiler: If this triggers you, please skip the image below of me 😉)

Today, I’ll share my personal experience of working in another country, thousands of miles away from home. So, grab a cup of coffee, relax, and let’s dive into this virtual journey.

Embracing the Remote Work Lifestyle: Working remotely from a picturesque location may seem like a dream come true, but it requires discipline and dedication. You might have stumbled upon those annoying #WorkingFromAnywhere posts, but guess what? I lived that reality last year.  I spend several months in South East Asia, surrounded by sunny days and warm weather, the temptation to indulge in leisure activities was real. However, it’s important to draw a clear line between work and play. Remote work is not an extended vacation; it’s a unique opportunity to blend productivity with an inspiring environment.

Preparing for the Adventure: Before embarking on this remote work journey, I had always dreamt of experiencing life and work in a different country. Fortunately, as the founder of a remote marketing agency, the infrastructure was already in place. With a 100% digital company, the technical aspects were relatively easy to handle. The only necessary adjustment was the phone system, which we seamlessly transitioned to Voiceover IP. With these preparations complete, it was time to face the deeper challenges of working remotely.

Navigating Distractions and Time Differences: The allure of beach days and local attractions can be a constant distraction, but building a successful business requires dedication and focused effort. For me, work is more than a task; it’s a passion. While I enjoy activities like surfing, I prioritize work during the morning hours. This brings us to the biggest challenge of working from afar: time differences. Depending on your location, you might find yourself either ahead or behind your home country’s time zone. This time gap influences your daily routine and calls for effective time management. By scheduling important meetings and tasks during overlapping hours, you can strike a balance between work and leisure.

Maintaining Work-Life Balance: While working remote presents unique challenges, it also offers incredible opportunities. The change in scenery and exposure to new cultures can stimulate creativity and enhance productivity. My workdays typically involved morning surf sessions, followed by focused work during my home country’s afternoon. However, as the evening approached in Europe, it became crucial to find a balance. Managing client expectations, coordinating with the team, and ensuring a break for oneself require careful planning and communication.

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Unlocking the Remote Work Adventure: In conclusion, working remotely from a different country is an enriching experience that combines work and exploration. To fully embrace this lifestyle, it’s essential to have a genuine passion for your work. Without a love for what you do, the distractions and lack of traditional control mechanisms might become overwhelming. However, if you’re passionate about your profession, I highly recommend taking the leap and exploring remote work in a new country. COVID-19 has taught companies the viability of remote work, so why not explore new horizons and expand your boundaries?

Final Thoughts: I hope this blog post has provided you with insights into the world of remote work and inspired you to consider this exciting opportunity. Remember, it’s important to discuss your plans with your superiors and ensure their approval before embarking on this journey. So, take the initiative, step out of your comfort zone, and who knows? We might cross paths in a faraway place, where work meets adventure. Thank you for joining me on this