In this Marketing Session Max talked to Jacob Staley – Founder of Re:cast AI. The Session was live recorded on various platforms such as TikTok and YouTube.

About Jacob
Jacob Staley, born in the US is Founder of the singapore based Start-up Re:cast AI and a dear friend of Max von Arx. At one point in their career they worked together for another start-up. In fact, that’s how they met.

They tried to stay in contact ever since with their last chat being recorded for the world to tune-in.

Re:cast AI
Re:cast is on a mission to revolutionize the way content is produced to create a fair, unbiased, and inclusive world.
The pictures and videos we see in consumer advertising today reflect a small population of our rich ethnic diversity.

They believe content can inspire and inform. Re:cast AI provides a scalable, transformational content creation platform that enables brands to effortlessly bring greater inclusivity and diversity to our world.

The Slogan of Re:cast AI therfore says:

Create it. Own it.

Feel free to check out the following links to either learn more about Re:cast or to connect with Jacob Staley: