In this episode Max talks about “Attention”: People can’t buy from you – if they don’t know you. It’s as simple as that.

Maximilian von Arx shares his thoughts and explains why a simple Marketing concept such as the AIDA Model is still very relevant today

Don’t just start selling your product to strangers. Start by creating attention, then make them interested in what your offering, if possible even create Desire for your product or service and only then try to make’em BUY your product.

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First, ladies and gentleman, I wanna say thank you to every one of you. I posted about the new podcast experience and I got some really nice reactions from you. Thank you very much. The love and support I get from you guys is what makes me keep recording.

Before we get into todays episode I wanna share a story that happened to me last week.

Once I produced the episode about Artificial Scarcity – and by the way if you didn’t hear it yet, please listen to it – it’s a really interesting marketing tactic that you should know about. But anyway, once I produced the last episode I pushed it to all the different Streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcast etc. you get the idea.

And then… I completely forgot about it. I didn’t post about it, didn’t make announcements. Zip, Bagel. I was covered so deep in work for my agency that I didn’t take the time to announce it.

Until I got a Call from someone who listens to the Podcast. After he heard the new episode he immediately called me, congratulated me to the relaunch and so we ended up talking about the Podcast and just business in general.

What I’m trying to say is, it’s all about attention. Being where your audience is. My friend from the phone Call, he drove out to see a client – opened spotify and got a notification – this by the way happened because he’s following my show, so you should definitely do the same. Anyway, he then saw on the app that a new episode is available and listened to it.  IT’S ALL ABOUT ATTENTION.

Attention is also the main topic of todays episode. I covered this in a recent keynote I did for a group of young start-up founders. The segment was called “Basic Marketing concepts that are still relevant today.

So what I wanna talk about is the AIDA Model. AIDA is an ancronym meaning that every letter stands for something. In fact the AIDA model describes the whole customer journey from being a complet stranger to you until becoming an actual customer. So again, this whole concept is really about the customer journey from A-Z or better yet from A to A.

So let’s look into it. The first letter A from AIDA stands for Attention. Before you can do anything, like business related you need to get the attention from your audience. It’s a simple as that. You can’t sell your product to a stranger. They’re not gonna buy from you – if they don’t know that you or your company exists. So whenever we talk about marketing, about how to market your product you need to start with creating attention.

Once you got the attention of your potential client you need to create interest, that’s the 2nd letter of the Model I. Here it’s important to say that you have to focus on what’s most relevant for your target market in relation to your product or service. Also, please, please make it about them, about your target audience – don’t make it about you.

I’m gonna give you an example: In this phase, when you try to make them interested in your product instead of saying “OUR product can safe you time” you could say something like: “Do you wanna safe time – here’s our easy-to-use product.

Create interest for your product but make it about them not you.

So, again, first you need to create attention for your brand, and then you need to make them interested by giving just a little more information about your product or your service.

The 3rd step is called DESIRE. And if you ask me, this is the hardest step of the Model. Once they’re interested in what your offering you need to create Desire for your product.

Let me give you an example of a company who is really good in creating Desire for their product.
It’s Apple.
Apple started in the mid-70s with building and selling personal computer. You all probably remember the Apple1 Computer, if not you most likely remember the Macintosh. So Apple is a computer manufacturer.
A couple of years ago Apple introduced a brand new product. I’m not talking about the iPhone, I’m talking about the EarPods. After the keynote where they presented this new product, remember, it was something completely different from everything they’ve done before. People were joking about it and they said, it looks like a tooth-brush and no body will ever buy it.

Well they were wrong.

Everybody got really excited and today when you walk down the streets, all you can see are Apple EarPods.

It’s kinda funny isn’t it? There are companies out there that are just built to create audio equipment. Thinking of Sony, Marshall, Bang Olufsen you name it. So why would you buy Headphones from a computer Manufacter? The answer is simple, Because apple is very good in creating Desire for their Product.

Let’s look at the last step of the AIDA Concept. It’s the 2nd A and it stands for ACTION.

This is where you close the deal.

Now you have their attention, you made them interested in your product and maybe you even create a lil bit of desire, you can start selling your product or service.

You do that by adding a Call to Action, you let them try your product for 30 days or you create any other kind of promotion or special.

The reason why at my keynotes I always talk about this very basic concept is, that companies, almost all the time start diffectly with ACTION.

They start selling their product or service to their potential audience. But they completely forget the early phases of the AIDA Model. They don’t create attention or Interest and then expect the audience to but their product. Remember, they can’t buy from you – if they don’t know you. Always start with creating Attention, then interest, if possible even Desire and only then, try to make’em buy your product.